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 Custom Orders Available

No Minimum Quantity

Single Bead Earrings on Silver ear wires

I have a lot of single bead earrings that are perfect for a young child or a teen. They also work great when you want just a touch of color in your own ear, maybe for the 2nd pair that you wear. They are dainty, delicate and adorable.

Any bead I use on this site can be made into a single pair of earrings and any wire can be used as well. I compliment each bead with a silver seed bead for a touch of elegance and shine.
Each earring is 1/2" or so, depending on the size of the bead. They are inexpensive, but made with genuine gem stones, crystals, etc. Grab them while they last!

On this order page, all earrings come with silver plated ear wires by default.  If you see one here that you would like in gold and it's not on our Multiple-single-gold page, just change the wire choice below when ordering. 
For any questions, contact me at:                              
    For a larger view of earrings, click on the smal photos.

blue cats eye single bead earring smooth
1-bright blue cats eye
Pink fossil bead single earring
2-pink fossil bead
Light green smooth cats eye bead earrings
3-light green cats eye
Lilac smooth cats eye beads earrings
4-lilac cats eye
Light blue smooth cats eye bead earrings
5-light blue cats eye
orange smooth cats eye earrings
6-orange cats eye
Yellow faceted single bead earring
7-yellow cats eye faceted
pink smooth single cats eye bead earring
8-Pink cats eye smooth
Dark Rose smooth cats eye bead earring
9-Dark Rose Cats eye smooth
Dark blue smooth cats eye bead earring
10-Dark blue cats eye smooth
aqua frosted glass bead earrings
11-Aqua frosted glass
Bright Green smooth cats eye bead earring
12-Bright Green smooth cats eye
Yellow smooth cats eye bead earring
13-Yellow smooth cats eye
fireyellow faceted cats eye bead earring
14-Fireyellow Cats eye faceted
Light green faceted cats eye bead earring
15-Light Green faceted cats eye
blue cats eye single bead earring that's faceted
16-Blue faceted cats eye
orange smooth cats eye bead single earring earringle
17- Orange Smooth cat's eye

orange faceted cats eye bead earring earringle
18-Orange Faceted cat's eyet

royal blue frosted glass single earring earringle
19-royal blue frosted glass

20-pink frosted glass

All Single Earrings are $2.75 plus shipping/handling
Order below:

  Qty:  1- bright blue cats eye
  Qty:   2- pink fossil bead
  Qty:   3-light green cats eye
  Qty:   4-lilac cats eye
  Qty:   5-light blue cats eye
  Qty:   6-orange cats eye
  Qty:   7-yellow cats eye faceted
  Qty:   8-Pink cats eye smooth
  Qty:   9-Dark Rose cats eye smooth
  Qty:   10-Dark blue cats eye
  Qty:   11-Aqua frosted glass
  Qty:   12-Bright Green smooth cats eye
  Qty:   13-Yellow smooth cats eye
  Qty:   14-Fireyellow cats eye faceted
  Qty:   15-Light green faceted cats eye
  Qty:   16-Blue faceted cats eye
  Qty:   17-Orange smooth cats eye
  Qty:   18-Orange faceted cats eye
  Qty:   19-royal blue frosted glass
  Qty:   20-pink frosted glass
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